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Through the eyes of Malcolm Blacken, things look different. The sounds around him become color. His mood can activate thoughts that illuminate thumbnail sketches in his mind. From sports images, to abstracts, from monochromatic, to his vibrant use of color, a story is always told within his art.

"My creations on canvas are extensions of my inner self. It is another form of communication between me and those who view my art. Each color represents the deeper meaning of what I'm trying to say. The inspiration from each piece comes from my greatest passions - love, happiness, energy and sports. And I can only hope that collectors of my work understand the story I'm trying to tell with each one. My goal is for them to feel every bit of the joy and excitement I use to create it."

Malcolm Blacken was born in 1965. He started painting at a very early age in rural Mathews, Virginia. Unable to afford the necessary materials as a young artist, Blacken began sketching with charcoal and no. 2 pencils. At age 10, he discovered another passion when he began playing organized football.

As a teenager Malcolm used cardboard as a canvas and began experimenting with watercolor and acrylic paint. He won a local contest at the Mathews County Library, creating its new logo. His talents on the football field as a running back were being noticed as well. By his senior year Malcolm had rushed for 4,000 yards, scored over 50 touchdowns and earned a full grant and aid scholarship to Virginia Tech.

In college Malcolm was able to combine his skills in art and football. He was a four-year letterman at Virginia Tech and began doing action sketches of his teammates during his tenure. Malcolm majored in Studio Art and minored in Physical Education. Upon graduating from Tech he began his strength and conditioning career at University of South Carolina, followed by stints at George Mason University and The University of Virginia. Art was there every step of the way serving as his favorite pastime and consummate way to express himself.

Malcolm is NFL career began with the Washington Redskins in 1996, where he was an assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for five seasons. He did commission work for several of the players, including Ken Harvey, Brian Mitchell and Stanley Richards.

In 2001, Malcolm became the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Detroit Lions. His art career has continued to blossom as well. He has done commissioned work for many of the players in Detroit, such as Luther Ellis, Joey Harrington, Kevin Jones, Damien Woody, Daunte Culpepper and Larry Foote.

In February 2010, Malcolm was rehired with the Redskins and now serves as the team's Assistant Strength coach!